High Performance Data Driven Buildings @ Haystack Connect 2019

Haystack Connect has become a “must see” event for anyone interested in advancing building controls. The Haystack organization was started with a focus on defining semantic tagging for information found within buildings. The use of these tags can make systems easier to install, but more importantly allows for the data in buildings to be readily discovered, accessed, and utilized for a range of functions such as analysis and fault detection.

This years even will be held in San Diego from May 13 - 15, 2019. See haystackconnect.org for details.

At this years event Building Intelligence Group’s Paul Ehrlich will be leading a new track that is focused on how data can be utilized to drive high performance buildings. Anticipated topics will include work being done by organizations including ASHRAE (Guideline 36), and the Department of Energy (Open Building Controls, Adaptive Controls, Fault Detection and Diagnostics). The track will also touch on benefits of networked control systems and other advanced applications for building data.

Please contact us if you might be interested in presenting as part of this track and go to the Haystack Connect site for information on the program, attending, and exhibiting .