2019 - Fifteenth Year for Building Intelligence Group

2019 marks 15 years since Building Intelligence Group was formed.  We started in the early days of the Intelligent Building and our focus was on assisting the industry with convergence of building systems with IT.  Our firm remains focused on integrated building systems but has transitioned to assisting owners, and the industry with the benefits this provides for improved energy efficiency, operations, and coordinated operation of buildings with the energy grid. 

Our team is experienced in all aspects of energy efficiency including planning, design, existing system analysis, energy modeling, and project management.  We are focused both on assisting owners to improve their building performance, and also on how to assist the building systems industry in improving performance through education, tools, pilots, and other programs focused on transforming how efficiency is delivered.

In late 2016, Building Intelligence Group stopped accepting new projects when founder and president Paul Ehrlich, took a position as program manager and technical advisor at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  Paul relocated to Portland Oregon and worked on a series of projects including advanced building controls, facility operations and building to grid integration. This provided invaluable experience about the process and focus being pursued on the part of the US government to help with efficient and grid integrated buildings.  

 Paul recently returned to Building Intelligence Group, and our firm is now pursuing new project opportunities. Areas of expertise include:

  • Energy Efficiency:  Assisting owners on how to effectively improve building energy efficiency while maintaining comfort and safety.  Our services range from energy audits, modeling, and schematic design, through design, project management and finally commissioning and training. 

  • Systems Integration:  Support for master planning, project design, use of open protocols, cyber security, contractor / supplier qualification and commissioning.

  • Industry and Market Transformation:  Develop programs that document current practices and development of plans for improved process, training, and solutions. 

  • Research and Pilot Projects:  Small and large scale approaches to testing new process and technology.  This includes site selection, contractor and product selection, testing methodology, owner coordination, measurement and verification, and documentation through case study.

We are available for projects both locally in the Pacific Northwest, as well as across the US and internationally.  We appreciate your time and support for our shared interest in sustainability through improved building performance and efficiency.